5 Tips In Getting Your Pet The Pefect Rabbit Hutch

Getting a rabbit hutch for your pet bunnies is one of the best decisions that you have made. It is more so if you own more than one.

You can always opt for the do-it-yourself method.Doing so may require you some skills and time but it is definitely cheaper than buying a pre-made one.When you a buy a ready-made one from products online, this will definitely cost you an amount not less than a hundred dollars.

Whatever it is, the most important thing is to keep your bunnies in a good and safe environment.Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect rabbit hutch for you.

Choose spacious rabbit hutches

Size does matter when you are buying or building a rabbit hutch.Bunnies would be happier if they can hop from one area to another.You should also give them some time out of the hutch so they can enjoy playing outside.But you keep an eye on them in a constant manner.If you have no time to do this, the solution would be a huge rabbit hutch.

Go for one with a lot of accessories

Some rabbit hutches are made with two or even three tiers.Sometimes, there are ramps built from one floor to the next.They also need feeding bowls and water bottles inside their pen.But a hutch that is too small will make it impossible for you to create this kind of environment.

Ventilation matters

Good ventilation is always a part of the best frameworks ever created.More elaborate designs are also available like an A-house style or one that goes with several floors.Just make sure it is spacious enough for your bunnies to breather well.Get one with bigger wired areas.

In such case, make sure to avoid exposing your pets to direct sunlight for a long time.Make it a point as well to protect them from extreme weather conditions.Yes, they are low maintenance but they also need to be cared for just like any other pets do.

Wire vs.Plastic mesh

Speaking of ventilation, wire mesh is most often used by rabbit hutch designers.The floor is often made of this for the purpose of the excretion dropping directly to the ground.Unfortunately, bunnies easily get ‘bumble foot’, a condition wherein their paws develop sores because of the wires.

If this occurs, it is recommended for you to see your veterinarian.You can use plastic variants instead of wires.But because the wire mesh is sturdier, people tend to go with it still so they should just make sure they get the ones that are not injurious to their pets.

Make sure it is easy to clean

Sanitizing the rabbit hutch should be your number one concern.Rabbits can clean themselves, that’s a fact, but if they live in a dirty place, they might easily catch diseases.Ideally, cleaning should be done once every week.

Bunnies are such cute pets to have.However, keeping them healthy and safe should be your main concern.

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