7 Critical Steps For Puppy-Proofing Your Home

By Brent A. McCoy

The action of puppy-proofing your home is the act of undergoing a few steps to ensure your home is as safe as possible for your puppy to live in. It offers you the distinct features of giving you extra peace of mind knowing your puppy will be safe and can help resolve the certain predicament of having any unfortunate accidents happen to your puppy. In case your plan is to keep your puppy as safe as possible while they’re inside your home, this article will expose the most essential recommendations to understand concerning puppy-proofing your home.

1. Making Sure Your Yard Is Adequately Fenced

Whenever people refer to making sure your yard is adequately fenced, you quite possibly know it implies checking your fence for any gaps that might be large enough for a puppy and covering them up so your puppy won’t escape. This is a rather helpful idea seeing as puppies and all dogs love to explore and if there’s the slightest gap in your fence they may try to wriggle or dig their way out of it.

2. Removing Other Hazards From Your Yard

The action of removing other hazards from your yard is thought about by most to be helpful on account that your puppy may stumble over and hurt themselves on something when wandering around the yard. Generally this involves checking your yard for sharp objects or even holes your puppy might fall into and making sure they’re safe.

3. Not Leaving Cords Lying Around

The activity of not leaving cords lying around is viewed by several to be useful considering that if you have cords running all over your house your puppy may chew on them or trip over them. Mostly this comprises ensuring cords are neat and out of reach for your puppy.

4. Getting Rid Of Any Sharp Drops

Not only will getting rid of any sharp drops comprise paying careful attention to any areas a puppy may be able to get through and hurt themselves if they fall and covering them accordingly, but it is additionally relatively significant in the view of the fact that if your puppy wanders off a hole in the staircase or balcony they could hurt themselves badly or even die.

5. Removing Hazardous Materials From Your Home

Whenever people talk about removing hazardous materials from your home, you probably happen to know it implies checking for anything that might do harm to your puppy if they ate it and making sure it is out of reach for them. This is a quite useful exercise since puppies might eat anything and this might unfortunately include things that may be poisonous and lying around your home.

6. Confining Your Puppy To An Area Of The Home

One of the major rules of confining your puppy to an area of the home encompasses using cardboard or similar barriers to prevent access to certain rooms – something that is vital to contemplate given that it can help greatly to keep your puppy safe if you control where they can go.

7. Getting A Dog Gate

Have you thought about getting a dog gate? This process principally comprises taking a look around at what options will suit your home and dog and then fitting the appropriate one in your home, and is rather beneficial considering that this is one very stylish way to prevent your dog running out the front door or getting into other undesired areas.

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