7 Crucial Steps For Having Great Walks With Your Dog

By Brent A. McCoy

If you’re trying to have a great relationship with your dog and also keep them well-behaved, then the procedure of having great walks with your dog can help. This can be taking a walk with your dog that is fun and offers them much-needed mental and physical stimulation and delivers special features such as giving the two of you a great chance to bond and tiring them out so they are less likely to develop behavior problems. The following article is going to reveal the chief recommendations on having great walks with your dog that can certainly help resolve the challenge of having a dog that is not behaving well or is perhaps a little overweight.

1. Getting Them The Right Collar And Leash

It is regularly mentioned that getting them the right collar and leash implies deciding whether your dog needs a collar or harness (if they’re small) and finding one with a touch of style that is durable enough to stand up to lengthy dog walks – something fairly beneficial seeing as a collar is perhaps the most important accessory required for taking your dog for a walk.

2. Getting Your Puppy Properly Leash Trained

It may be tempting to occasionally avoid getting your puppy properly leash trained – a process that comprises teaching your dog to walk to a heel as a puppy or training your older dog to stop pulling so that they are better behaved when walking on the leash. That’s not recommended because of the fact that having a dog that behaves well while on a leash can make dog walks much more relaxing and enjoyable.

3. Taking Them The Right Distance

When individuals mention taking them the right distance, you perhaps happen to know it entails taking into account your dog’s size and temperament and determining whether you need to walk them for a short or long time or maybe even take two walks a day. This is a quite advantageous task considering that walking a smaller dog like a Pekingese for 30 minutes might be more than enough but not nearly enough for a larger, more energetic dog like a German Shepherd.

4. Remembering To Train Them

Whenever people discuss remembering to train them, you most likely understand it comprises teaching simple commands to them such as “sit” or “lay down” or making sure you have their attention when seeing cars or other dogs. This is a quite useful undertaking in the view of the fact that being out and about gives you the chance to remind your dog that you’re in charge and control in a variety of situations.

5. Walking Along Different Routes

You can have a great deal of success with walking along different routes as if a dog sees the same thing every day they will get bored and their walks will not give them the mental stimulation they need. It is a proposition that typically is about simply taking your dog with you along different routes around your neighborhood or even to the local dog park every once in a while.

6. Picking Up After Your Dog

The action of picking up after your dog is advantageous because it is the law in most countries and you can risk a fine if you don’t. It mainly is about taking a few specialized dog waste bags with you when you walk and picking up any of your dog’s waste with them.

7. Keeping Your Dog Well-Hydrated

One of the basic guidelines of keeping your dog well-hydrated comprises taking an accessory such as a dog water bottle with you so they don’t have to wait until you get home to take a drink – a thing said to be essential to take into account in view of the fact that dog walks can make a dog thirsty quite quickly.

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