7 Important Steps For Treating Your Dog

By Brent A. McCoy

If you’re determined to have a positive and loving relationship with your dog, then the task of treating your dog can certainly help. It is usually giving your dog positive reinforcement while used in training or any other time you think your dog is special and delivers distinctive advantages that include making you feel good by being a giving person and also controlling the behavior of your dog when used correctly. The following article will tell you the essential points on treating your dog that can help you overcome the challenge of not having anything to use for positive reinforcement training with your dog.

1. Getting Something Your Dog Likes

A number of people consider getting something your dog likes, a proposition that is about trying an assortment of treat until you find something your dog responds well to. Often it’s a pretty beneficial thing to look at seeing as it makes sense in training your puppy that they will only do things for a reward if that reward is something they like.

2. Using Them Only When Your Dog Is Good

Have you looked at using them only when your dog is good? This matter primarily comprises being consistent with how you hand out treats and only giving them to your dog after they perform good behavior, and is reasonably helpful considering the fact that rewarding your dog anytime will allow them to think they don’t have to be on their best behavior to get treats.

3. Making Them Work For Their Treats

When people talk about making them work for their treats, you more than likely understand it entails not giving your dog a treat after every positive action but instead mixing it with praise and other positive reinforcement so that the treat is saved for a bigger reward and keeps your dog motivated to earn it. This is a rather advantageous matter given that it will come to a point where your dog will only behave when you pull out your bag of treats.

4. Choosing Something Healthy

The undertaking of choosing something healthy is perceived by plenty to be useful since whenever feeding anything to your dog you want to be sure that it’s good for them. Typically this involves looking at the nutritional information of your chosen treats or ensuring that you choose something that is made of healthy and natural ingredients.

5. Making Your Own Treats

It is commonly stated that making your own treats entails finding a dog cookbook or looking up some simple recipes that you might like to have a go at making and then using a bone-shaped cookie template if you choose to make them into a suitable shape – something fairly advantageous considering that this can be a fun activity to do with your dog and they will surely enjoy the results as well as the fact that you can choose exactly what ingredients to use.

6. Considering Your Dog’s Health

Plenty of people consider considering your dog’s health, a process that comprises getting your dog suitable treats if they have teeth problems or any others that contain ingredients suitable for health conditions such as diabetes and more. Typically it’s a very useful thing to attempt on account that giving your dog a variety of treats can help with their health.

7. Storing Them In A Safe Place

Not only will storing them in a safe place involve using a product such as a dog treat jar that has a beautiful design or coming up with your own solution to keep your dog’s treats safe, but it is additionally fairly important considering that this will keep them fresh and out of the way of tempted dogs.

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