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Journals are an important asset to California notaries and are required by law for them to maintain a list of their notarial acts. The Notary Public journal must be sequential and must include all notarial acts performed by the certified notary public.

Date and time of every notarial act. The type of notarial act (i.e., acknowledgment, jurat, etc. Type of document to be notarized, i.e., Deed of Trust, Affidavit, etc. In the journal it must be listed how the signer was identified in addition to the Flintridge Notary Publics information as well as the type of identification used. The fee charged (if no fee is charged, write 0 or no fee The signature of each person whose signature is being notarized. The right finger print of the person signing the documents is also required(if available).

Proper thumb printing is required to be placed in a Notary Public journal at all times.There are circumstances in that vary when thumb printing such as:

One of the main rules for a Flintridge Notary is to ensure that if the document is for a real estate transaction, power of attorney or a type of deed then the thumb print must be in the notary journal. An available thumbprint should be used if the right thumb print is not available for thumb printing.

If the signer is physically unable to provide a thumbprint or any fingerprint, this must be noted in the Notary Public journal with an explanation of the physical condition which keeps the signer from leaving such print i.e. broken hand in cast, burns, or other physical ailment.

Notary Public journals will allow additional information to be provided. Taking notes is important in case some discretion occurs in the future and referencing journal entries will help clear up matters. Circumstances out of the ordinary should always be noted along with the proper information for all notaries.

Always keep a Notary Public journal in a secure location when not in use such as a locked desk, lock box or safe to ensure tapering and fraudulent alterations cannot occur. If the sequential journal is stolen, lost, misplaced, destroyed, damaged, or otherwise rendered unusable, the Notary Public immediately must notify the Secretary of State by certified or registered mail. The notary public notification should include dates of specific notary journal entries along with the notary commission number, date of commission and other information valuable to the notary commission.

The importance of proper Notary Public journal entries cannot be understated so always practice good journal procedures.

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