Bettering Your Pup’s Exercise Regime With The Ideal Accessory

Unlike a lot of people, animals like to exercise and need very little enticement, but that does not mean you can not enhance the experience by using a classic kong dog toy. It is hard to equate fun and working out, but for most animals that is exactly what keeping fit is; playtime. Running and fetching balls are kind of like going to the gym for a workout.

This toy has and unusual design which, like some workout equipment, enhances the experience so you get the most out of the activities being participated in. Unlike a regular ball, the kong original looks like a snowman, and has an empty center. Depending on the age or perhaps even the size of your pet the durability of the rubber varies. Little puppy teeth do not need a toy as strong as an adult would, for example.

If you have ever played fetch you will know that once you throw the ball it is fairly simple to predict where it will land next, or at least which direction it will take. This is one reason that it makes such a great tool, the spontaneity keeps it interesting. And you want to change it up from time to time as well, put different treats in the toy so they do not get tired of it.

Better yet, the center is hollow so food of different varieties can be placed inside. By using foods such as kibble, cheese whiz or even peanut butter you have given them a mission; get the food out. This is a wonderful way for them to strengthen their jaw muscles and teeth. At the same time the task at hand leaves them blissfully content.

The toy comes in different sizes and colors depending on the stage of their growth. Animals of different ages have different needs and these toys are designed to give the animal the most enjoyable toy while concentrating on their specific needs at the particular stage of their life.

Taking the dog toy along when you go on walks provides you a great method of rewarding them for positive behavior while you are out and about. Perhaps even using it as a distraction from negative activities. If you choose to use this tool make sure you remain consistent in what you expect from your pet in order to obtain their reward. If you are not, then you may just be causing more problems for both of you in the long run.

Activity is important, if there is no activity there is more of a chance illness. Too much exercise on their other hand is also not good for them. Finding the right balance of activity and duration is important. A well rested dog has less nervous energy, which means they will be better behaved.

The Kong Dog toy is a wonderful way to give pets the exercise they require, and the means to train dogs so it is well behaved. But just as important this toy is fun to play with. A ball is just a ball; this toy however can be an adventure, and one that will deep them occupied for hours at a time. And to deep things interesting, switching the food you put in the hollow center means there is less chance of boredom. And a bored pet may decide to take another bite out of the sitting by the door.

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