Bunny Cages

Bunnies are one of the most popular small pets among people.  Not only are they cute, but they are also easy to care for and affordable.  It can be a lot of fun trying to find a home for your bunny cage.  Bunny cages can be as simple or elaborate as you like.   Remember, this is your bunny’s home the majority of the time, so take this into consideration when you purchase your bunny’s cage.

Bunny Cage Types

Bunny cages come in all different designs and styles; however, what separates one from the other is the base.  There are three types of floorings available for rabbit cages, which are:

  • Wire Based
  • Wood Based
  • Plastic Based

There are advantages to all; however, the wood based is the most recommended.  While the wood based is the most recommended for the bunny’s safety and comfort, the wire based bunny cage tends to be the most popular because it is made for easier cleaning.  There are also many varieties of outdoor bunny cages, as well.

Wire Based Bunny Cage

The reason this cage is more popular is that it allows the droppings to fall onto a tray that can be slid out and cleaned easier.  While it is easier for you, it is not the best type of cage for your rabbit.  The wire cages can give your bunny sore ankles.  It can also give your rabbit skin abrasions on its foot, as well as lose its fur.   Wire cages have ragged edges that can cut your rabbit.

Plastic Based Bunny Cage

This cage is becoming more popular because it is lightweight and easy to carry.  It is also chosen because they minimize or eliminate skin abrasions.  They are easy to clean because you only have to remove the clippings from the end and wipe the floor.  While this is a better cage than the wire cage for the bunny’s health, it does have its problems.   Because it is plastic, when the bunny chews, they sometimes chew off the ends of the plastic, which makes it more difficult to clean.

Wood Based Bunny Cage

This is considered to be the best type of flooring for the bunny.  It is much better for your bunny’s paws and skin, as they will not become irritated.  It is important that the wood base is treated with a non-toxic substance.  Your bunny will not be able to chew, and it is also easy to remove for cleaning.  Simply add in a layer of soft hay covering to help keep the floor clean.

How to Choose

You will first want to decide on which type of flooring is best for your bunny.  Only you can make the decision.  Keep in mind before you make the decision on which flooring to purchase, bunnies can be litter trained; therefore, as long as the litter box is kept up, there will not be as much of a mess to clean.

Indoor Bunny Cages

You will need to decide on the size of the cage.  The cage you purchase should at minimum be at least 4 times the rabbit’s size.  If your bunny is over 8 pounds, a cage that is at least 36” wide x 36” long and 24” to 36” high will be comfortable.  Cages can also come with a second story loft.  These are so much fun for your bunny.  There are ramps available to install inside the cage so they can go from one story to the next.

It is recommended that you purchase a cage that is designed with a large side door, instead of a smaller one.  This will make it easier to remove a litter pan.  Make sure the locking device will keep any side doors closed tightly.  Make sure the door frames are well covered to avoid injury and chewing.

Outdoor Bunny Cages

Bunnies enjoy being outdoors; however, you will want to be sure the cage is strong and secure enough to prevent predators and the weather from getting to your bunny.  The bunny cage should have a top covered with a waterproof shield.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning them regularly is critical for the bunny’s health.   Daily removal of waste and uneaten food is essential.  Uneaten food can rot, causing bacteria to grow.  Clean the cage weekly by disinfecting with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Where to Buy

Bunny cages can be found anywhere that pet supplies are sold.  More elaborate bunny cages can be found in pet stores, pet shops, and through online stores.

Bunnies are lovable creatures and depend on you to care for them.  Take care of your bunny by giving it the safest and best home possible.

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