Canine Joint Pain – Are Natural Treatments Safe And Effective?

Our canine friends can incur joint problems at any age. There are numerous things that are responsible for the occurence of dog joint pain. Dog arthritis is one of the most common causes. Older dogs have reached a greater danger of getting this disease. In addition to this common ailment, factors such as insufficient exercise, obesity, hip dysplasia and improper diet can also lead to canine joint pain. You can tell when your dog is suffering from joint pain, as there are specific changes in behavior and physiology that are indicative. Some of these include unusual movement, swelling of the bones, difficulty in standing, and unwillingness to participate in physical activities such as climbing stairs and playing. When your dog’s pain is very intense, he/she may avoid walking in general. As a dog parent, you will be devastated to see very your four-legged child in such a state. Luckily, we need not fret – as there are numerous natural remedies available that can help restore the normal state of health of your pet.

Dog Joint Treatment – What to Look For

Many people want to use pain relief remedies when their dogs start to show signs of joint problems. Some of these treatments just cause temporary pain alleviation because such forms of drugs can’t be utilized for an extended period of time given that they may have adverse effects on canine. These are normally prescription medications and are largely discouraged by many dog health authorities across the world.

Natural Treatments For Joint Pain In Dogs

Several alternative -minded veterinarians would advising the use of natural pain relief protocols. Below are a few choices that you could choose:

Exercise is one of the most significant components to consider when it comes to alleviating arthritis symptoms in dogs. Strenuous exercises aren’t recommended but low impact exercises and stretching will to help keep the joints lubricated. Mild exercise helps to add more flexibility and strength to bones – also helps in fat loss which reduces stress on the joints.

Therapeutic massage can also be employed as a pain reliever for your arthritic dog. When you rub every joint lightly for around fifteen minutes, you will help to greatly reduce the intensity of joint pain. This also helps you to boost blood flow in the affected joints. The use of turmeric is also suggested for when curing or relieving dog joint pain. This natural remedy contains excellent anti inflammatory properties – thereby helping reduce pain and swelling. For a cumulative effect, you can add turmeric to dog food on an everyday basis in order to achieve the very best results for your pooch’s joint pain.

Herbal pain relief containing Cayenne also comes in the form of ointments, gels and creams – and can be quite useful and effective in the treatment of dog joint pain. Applying topically to the affected areas with result in pain relief for several hours. For long-haired dogs, shaving the area might be neccesary to acheive the best results.

The above remedies are merely a representation of some of the primary natural treatments which can be used in treating dog joint pain. Needless to say, the after effect of all these treatment options is dependent upon the intensity of the condition in context. That’s why you will find that (in some instances), the treatment may take months before it’s effective.

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