Cat Pens

Cat pens are an important part of keeping your cat safe while you are away or asleep.  Cats can really get into mischief when they are not being watched, and some of that mischief can be deadly.  Keeping your cat in a pen is definitely a good idea when you cannot keep your eye on your furry friend, such as when you are gone or even when you are sleeping.  There are also outdoor cat pens that are ideal for introducing your cat to the outside world safely.

Types of Cat Pens

There are many different types of cat pens available.  The type of cat pen you will buy will depend on your needs.  Each of these cat pens has its significance, and they are all great assets to cat owners.

  • Wire Cat Pens – These can come in two stories or more.  They generally have a tray where your cat can jump and lie down.  They are not meant for your cat to stay in for hours on end; however, they are great for keeping them in for short periods while you are gone or even when you are sleeping.
  • Mobile Cat Pens – These are great if you like to move your cat from room to room.  They have a wood frame with metal wire.
  • Outdoor Cat Pens/Tunnels – These are excellent for indoor cats who love to be outside.  It keeps them safe in a confined area, yet allows them to be outdoors.
  • Cat Travel Pen – These are generally made of hard plastic with a door.  Everyone needs to have a cat travel pen, if only to take them back and forth to the vet.
  • Elaborate Large Cat Pens – These pens can be as elaborate and as large as an entire room.

How to Choose

There are many options and features available to you when you begin your search for the perfect cat pen.  Your number one priority should be safety.  You must also choose a cat pen that will accommodate your cat’s size and age.  Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat?  Will your cat be sleeping in this cage?  These are all things to take into consideration before you purchase a cat pen.

Indoor Cat Pens

You will want to purchase a cat pen that is large enough to fit your cat’s litter box, but still allow room for playtime and a place to sleep.   Make sure it does not have a wire floor, as this can damage the cat’s paws.  The enclosure should have a plastic bottom.

Outdoor Cat Pens/Tunnels

Indoor cats generally crave the outdoors.  They are hypnotized by the sounds, bugs, birds, etc. that they encounter through the glass.  Outdoor cat pens are ideal for giving your cat the outdoor experience in a safe and controlled environment.  There are different kinds of outdoor cat pens.  Some are made of wire with a wooden frame, while others are actually tunnels that allow your cat to roam freely in a large area.

Cat Travel Pen

There are actually three types of cat travel pens.  These are cardboard, soft, and hard.   The type you will need will depend on how often you plan to travel.  If you are one that travels only back and forth to the vet once or twice a year, a cardboard pen will work.  If you intend on traveling more, then the soft or hard plastic one will be a better choice.

Make sure that your cat has plenty of room to jump, move around, lie down, and go potty.  Also remember that if the cat pen is not an elaborate large cat pen, then you should only leave it in the pen for a few hours a day.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning a cat’s pen is essential in warding off unwanted diseases and sickness.  It is not a difficult task, but must be done regularly.  Remove bedding, food and water dishes, toys, and the litter box.  Spray the cage with a disinfecting solution.  The solution should be diluted.  Clean the floor and sides completely with a brush.  Rinse the cage with a wet cloth.  Dry the cage to prevent from rusting.  Clean the bowls and toys and wash the bedding.

Where to Buy

Cat pens are found online and in many pet stores and pet shops.  People actually build the more elaborate larger cat pens.

Think of your cat pen as a safe place while you are away.   They will even sometimes use their cat pen as a place where they can relax and feel safe and secure.

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