Cat Tree Blueprints – The Best Way To Ensure An Excited Feline

With prices going through the roof on just about everything in today’s market, cat tree plans have become a hot commodity and offer cat owners a good option for saving on all kinds of cat furniture.

If you’re not keen on parting with the almighty dollar for cat furniture, deciding to make your own may be a wise decision. Making a cat tree is a pretty easy and uncomplicated process if you have access to a good set of cat tree plans.

Cat tree prices can approach and surpass $300, but they typically average around $100. Cat trees for less than $50 are often poorly constructed and either fall apart or tip over. And unless you’re someone famous you probably don’t have the luxury of spending several hundred dollars for a high end model.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t give our favorite felines a place to romp, scratch, play, and lounge. It’s simple to learn how to make a cat tree. Making a cat tree yourself can help ensure your cat lives a long, healthy life. It will also help prevent your cat from using its claws to redecorate your house.

Yesterday I was looking at some user submitted cat pictures on the internet and happened upon one that had a cat with one of those cones veterinarians place around the heads of cats and dogs to prevent them from biting at a healing wound. The caption read, “Mai Kat Tree Kolapsed”.

While cute in its own right, this also reminded me of another very big reason it can be beneficial to learn how to construct a cat tree at home rather than purchasing one online or from a local Pets Are People Too. When you pick out an extremely inexpensive cat tree, you run the risk of taking home furniture that is poorly built which becomes dangerous for your cat to be on.

Poorly designed cat trees can break, fall over, or leave screws and nails exposed that can injure your cat. Cats can get really hyper on occasion when they’re in a playful mood, and your cat tree needs to be able to withstand the shenanigans.

It’s not worth it to risk your cat’s own life on a unstable tree.

If you’re on a really tight budget, you might want to seek out free cat tree blueprints, but they often don’t have easy to follow building diagrams. With virtually no instruction, it’s easy to get frustrated and you end up buying a cat tree anyway after wasting your time trying to build one from free cat tree designs.

The easy solution is to spend just a little bit of money on a good set of cat tree plans straight from well known cat furniture designers. These types of cat tree plans often give you several different designs to choose from and are often “mix and match” so you can be as creative as you want to be.

Cat tree plans from people who specialize in building cat furniture are often extremely well organized, detailed, and cost effective at under 10 bucks. Even if you’ve never attempted to build anything ever before, a good set of cat tree plans can make everything painless.

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