Critter Cages

Critter cages are necessary if you intend on having  small animals as pets.  Each type of animal will need a special type of critter cage.  While many are similar, there are different aspects to each type of cage, and it is important that you purchase one that will meet the needs of the critter you bring home.

Wire mesh cages and aquariums are the most popular.  Which type you choose will depend on the critter you have.  If you have a wire cage, make sure that it does not have a wire bottom.  Wire bottoms can harm any small animal’s feet and ankles.  If all you can find is a wire based bottom, be sure to put some type of protective layer on top of the wire.


Rabbit cages are generally made from wire.  Bunny cages should be as large as possible to give them enough room to move around.   The very minimum size you should purchase is 36” wide x 36” long and 24 to 36 inches high.   Bunny cages are usually made from wire with a solid base and should have a large door opening so your bunny can get in and out.  This will also help you when you have to change the litter box.


A degu cage is usually made from wire with solid flooring.  They need a lot of room to run, jump, and climb.  The smallest cage you should purchase is 24” long x 18” breadth x 24” high.   They should have ledges and shelves to jump on.  A lava ledge is popular for a degu.


Hamster cages are a lot of fun to buy.  They come in different units.  You will buy a starter unit and start adding attachments combined together by special tubing.  They come in different colors and include different accessories with each unit.


Snake cages are usually aquariums or terrariums.  It is important to purchase one that will meet the needs of your snake.  There are vertical and horizontal styles.  A terrestrial species will prefer a horizontal cage, while a snake that usually hangs out in trees will be more comfortable in a vertical style.  With snakes, bigger is not always better.  However, it is important to purchase one that is large enough for how big your snake will grow.  Too large of a cage can make a smaller snake insecure.


Chinchilla cages are best as a wire mesh.  There are wooden ones available, but a wire mesh one is best, as wooden cages can become soiled with urine and harbor bacteria.   They love to run, climb, and jump and they have a lot of energy.  Your chinchilla’s cage should be high.   An ideal cage is 6 x 6 x 4 foot.  Make sure the bars are spaced no more than one inch apart.


Budgies love to fly around and play.  Purchase one that is at minimum size of 18 x 18 x 18.  This is not an ideal size cage, but will work as long as you allow your bird to fly outside of the cage.  The spacing of the bars should be less than ½ inch.  A budgie can get his head stuck between the bars.    Be sure to purchase one with horizontal bars to allow your budgie to climb.

There are three styles to choose from, which are:  powder coated, stainless steel and plastic coated.  Powder coated cages are suitable, but plastic coated are not recommended as your budgie can peck through to the metal that can contain toxins.  Stainless steel cages are the best.


Iguanas will grow quickly, so you should get a large tank up front unless you want to spend more money within a year for a new one.  An iguana can grow up to six feet long.  The best size for an iguana enclosure is 48 x 30 x 72.

Glass aquariums are the best choice for iguanas.  There are wire cages, but these are not as recommended.  You cannot maintain the temperature and humidity in a wire cage, as you can a glass one.  Iguanas have special needs when it comes to temperature and humidity.


An ideal hedgehog cage is at least four square feet; however, the bigger you go the better.  They love to run and play.  It is important to have a place that has good ventilation.  Aquariums are not a good option because ventilation is not good.  You can do a plastic cage, as long as you drill big enough holes.   The best hedgehog cages are wire mesh.  They offer the best in ventilation.

Where to Buy

Critter cages can be found in most good pet stores including online pet stores and other online locations such as eBay and NexTag.

These are just a few of the different critter cages available.  The vast majority are wire mesh cages or glass aquariums.  The above information will help you determine which critter cage to use for your little critter.

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