Decorative Bird Cages

Decorative bird cages can add style to your home, while also providing a stylish home for your bird.  There are a variety of designs that can represent regions from all over the world.  They are also made from a variety of materials.  Decorative bird cages can also serve other purposes within your home.

First and Foremost – Ensure the Safety of your Bird

While these decorative bird cages are elegant and add depth to your room, some are made to house your bird, while others are made solely for decoration.  You will want to make sure the one you choose is made as a functional bird cage.  Never sacrifice your bird’s safety and comfort for appearances.

It is important to take your bird’s needs into consideration.  This does not mean you have to sacrifice style, either.  In fact, if you take into consideration your bird’s needs while looking, you are sure to find plenty of decorative bird cages you can choose from.

Some types to stay away from are tall and narrow cages.  They are beautiful, but your bird will not have enough room for flying.  Also stay away from those that are round.  They may appear striking, but they will not allow your bird space for perching.

Styles and Materials

Bird cages come in many different materials and styles.  Some of the most popular materials used are:

  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Stainless steel
  • Metal
  • Iron
  • Bamboo

Some of the styles are actually representative of different regions of the world, as well as time periods.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Oriental
  • Tuscan
  • Arabian
  • Venetian
  • Victorian
  • Royal
  • Imperial


It is extremely important to note that the majority of the time decorative bird cages are not ideal for your bird.  Why?  This is because they are sometimes not only too small for your bird, but they often contain chemicals that have been added to the finish that can be toxic to their system.  Some of these chemicals include lead, zinc, and other paint chemicals.  Birds love to nibble at bars, and these chemicals would be deadly to a small little bird.

Therefore, when you are searching for one that is decorative and functional, you will want to ask questions.  Check into the reputation of the company selling the bird cage.  Don’t always take a company’s word for it that the cage is safe.

Do your research on the company.  There are companies out there that understand the desire to have a fancy birdcage for your bird and home.  Some will be reputable and provide you with a safe cage, while others will try to take advantage of you just to make a sale.  When people are taken advantage of, they usually will talk.  Check online for reviews.  Don’t just go to one source.  If they are willing to sacrifice the health of your bird to take advantage of you, they are willing to lie online to give false reviews.  Make sure the source you use is also reliable.

Other Uses

Many people will use decorative bird cages to enhance a room and not even have a bird at all.  This is why it is important to understand your bird’s needs, as manufacturers are creating these bird cages for these potential customers, and not for customers with actual birds!   Some ways people will use decorative bird cages are:  plant holders, wall hangings, centerpieces, bird nests, etc.

Where to Buy

Decorative bird cages can be found in most good pet stores including online pet stores and other online locations such as eBay and NexTag.

You don’t have to sacrifice your bird’s safety for a decorative bird cage.  Do your research until you find one that will suit his needs, as well as yours.

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