Degu Cages

A degu is a very social pet, and they love to be handled by humans.   It is important to have two degus for companionship.  Degu cages should be made of high quality materials from a reputable company because they can live from five to eight years.  It is in your best interest to purchase a quality cage in the beginning, or you will have to replace it later on.

Types and Sizes

Degu cages are generally a wire cage with solid flooring.   Ledges and shelves should also be made from a solid material, as degus love to chew.   Solid flooring and shelves will help to protect your degu’s feet, as wire flooring can make sores on their feet and injure their ankles.  Make sure it is strong and secure.    Stay away from cardboard flooring and pine board, as they can just chew through it and make a mess.

Degus need a lot of room.  They are very active creatures and love to climb, run, play, dig, and explore.   You can fit two degus in a cage that is of minimum 24 inches in length, 18 inches in breadth, and 24 inches in height; however, the larger the cage the better.  This is the absolute minimum size you should purchase.

Inside the Cage

There are many different things you can put into a degu cage to allow him to play and get some exercise.   They are vey interactive creatures, and you should include enough toys in their cage to get their curiosity and interest flowing, as well as get them moving.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Solid Surface Exercise Wheel – This is essential to help make up for not having enough room to run as far as it needs to.
  • Straw Mats – They love to lay down on them, and eventually chew on them.
  • Thick Branches – These are great for climbing and chewing for exercise and fun.
  • Chew Proof Ceramic Dishes – These are great for food so they do not fall over.
  • Water Bottle – The water bottle should have a sipper tube with a chew guard.
  • Chew Toys – Degus simply love to chew, so special chew toys are important for their teeth.
  • Dusting Bath Bowl – You will also need a shallow bowl to place inside for dust baths.   Degus need regular dust baths.  This keeps their skin and coat in good condition.  Just put an inch or two of sand in the bowl a couple of times a week.  Only keep the bowl in about a half hour each time.
  • Lava Ledges – These are commonly used in a deju cages as a perch.  They love to sit and chew on them.  A lava ledge is made from pumice, which is basically solidified frothy lava that is created when it is super-heated.  It is highly pressurized rock that is ejected from the volcano.  Lava ledges are hard enough to wear their teeth, but are also soft enough to not break off their teeth because of the low density of the pores.   A lava ledge placed in a cage encourages natural jumping, which is great exercise for your degu.   They come in different colors, such as:  blue, purple, pink, and yellow.   Lava ledges are generally 6” long x 2.6” wide x 1.25” high.  They come with a screw, wing nut, and two washers to make it easier to attach to a wire cage.

Here are just a few other accessories that your degu will love and will keep him busy for many hours to come:

  • climbing rope
  • flexible ladder
  • bamboo tunnels
  • beaded bridge
  • bending rope
  • snuggle tunnel
  • acrylic house

The inside of degu cages is just as important, if not more important than the outside.  Make sure all items, including the cage are cleaned regularly.

Where to Buy

Degu Cages can be found in most good pet stores including online pet stores and other online locations such as eBay and NexTag.

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