Dog Baskets

Dog baskets are useful and can add to the décor in your room.  Dogs love their baskets because they know it is their special place to rest and relax.  Their owners have their couch, and they have their dog basket!

Dog Basket Types

  • Wicker Dog Basket – A wicker basket can come in all sizes:  small, medium, and large.  They also comes in different shapes:  spherical, oval, square, or C-shaped.  They generally have a raised back so dogs can rest their backs.
  • Dog Bike Basket – These dog baskets come in different sizes, as well.  They are meant to take small to medium sized dogs on bike rides.  They generally have a water bottle pockets, mesh pockets, and a removable rain cover.  They are made from comfortable durable microfibers.
  • Multi-functional Dog Basket – These dog baskets contain extra compartments to hold different items.

How to Choose

There are different things to look for in a dog basket.  It will depend on what type of dog basket you are purchasing as to what to look for.

Wicker Dog Baskets

Choose a dog basket that is made from good organic material.  Woven resin baskets are long lasting and are generally sturdy.  Dogs tend to gnaw on the edges of the basket, so you will want to ensure you are not giving them a metal basket where they can crunch their teeth and cause some serious problems.  You will also want to stay away from soft materials, as they can end up in your dog’s belly.

When choosing a dog basket, you will want to ensure you use the right shape for your size dog.  A square shaped basket is best for bigger dogs.  Smaller dogs will likely prefer to have a C-shaped form or an oval.   Baskets that have high sides provide security for your pet.

Multi-Function Basket

Your dog’s basket should provide a number of functions, such as:  hold a mattress, a pillow, dog treats, toys, and other items.  To do this, they will generally have separate compartments and pockets.

Dog Bike Baskets

Dog bike baskets are fun for those who love to take their dogs on bike rides.  Choose one that will be comfortable, as well as sturdy material.  Check to make sure it has a protective wire mesh on the top to prevent your dog from escaping the basket.  There are also baskets that have adjustable straps that join to a hook and is attached to your dog’s harness or collar to help keep him/her inside the basket.

When choosing a dog bike basket, make sure it is not too high that your dog can’t see out of it.  But, you do not want it too low that your dog will fall out.  Make sure your dog has enough room to be able to sit comfortably inside the basket with some blankets.  Check the maximum weight allowance for the bicycle dog basket.

Some dog bike baskets have carrying handles so that you can carry them around with you.  There are some bike baskets that have extra brackets.  This makes it easier to transfer from bike to bike.  There are some bike baskets that are made of nylon, which make them easier to fold for storage. Another feature that some bike dog baskets have is a rain cover for your dog to protect your dog from getting wet in case it rains.

Care and Maintenance

Basically, dog baskets can be cleaned by washing their bedding and disinfecting them.

Where to Buy

Dog baskets are widely available and you can buy them online or in local pet stores and pet shops.

Dog baskets are a great addition to your room, and serve as a decorative way to allow your dog to lie down in style.  They provide comfort and security for your dog because of their high sides.  Dog bike baskets are a great way to spend some time with your dog.

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