Dog Collars And I.D. Tagging: Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe

By Wesley D. Tijerina

Dog collars are an important item for any pet owner. With microchip I.D. technology still fairly new, many owners prefer to have a collar on their pet. It is always worth using a collar in addition to mircrochipping, as not everyone will have the equipment to read the chip. There are more uses for a collar than to display pet information, as shown by the many different products available. They can even be designed specifically for the animal so that they have the personal edge.

For dogs, a collar provides a sign of its domestication. When a dog is spotted wearing a collar, it can be returned, rather than being regarded as a stray or abandoned animal. A collar should be paired with a tag or plate displaying information on how to get in contact with the owner. Most lost dogs that are reunited with their owners have been identified by the collar they were wearing at the time.

Dog collars contain more technology than most people understand. As a collar is designed to fit firmly around the neck, safety fasteners have been designed so that there is no risk of strangulation. These work by detaching when too much pressure is applied to them, such as the weight of the dog, but are not at risk of being loosened by the animal accidentally. Static pulse generators can be fitted to the collar to detect when the dog is barking and gradually teach the dog better habits. The collars are designed to be used and interchanged with each other on a regular basis to fit the occasion.

As a dog becomes a member of the family, some owners are keen to make sure it has the right look. This often means picking out a collar that is a particular color or style. Just like an individual shopping for clothes, owners are now spoiled for choice in the amount of dog accessories on the market and can pick just about any style for their pet. Collars with studs, metal spikes and thick leather are all popular with owners for their pets, and are universally found in most dog stores. It is important for a dog collar to be thick and obvious enough to show over their fur.

Dog collars come in a range of dimensions, but most can be adjusted to fit any animal size. Unlike shopping for other items such as clothes, this means that it is not as important to check measurements. Most stockists will have additional information about the total length of the collar so that it can be sized exactly to the pet’s requirements. Shipping the item is lower in cost than bulker shopping and in some cases the individual will spend less online than if they bought the item in a store.

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