Dog Guards for Cars

Car dog guards are used to protect your dog during transport in a vehicle.  If used early, your dog will accept that this is his special place in the car, and will not act up during longer trips.  Dog guards for cars are not only meant for your dog’s safety, but for your safety, as well.  When your dog is safe and secure, you do not have to worry about what he is doing and if he is getting into something that could harm him.   Why not invest in something that can literally prevent you from getting into a serious, even fatal accident?

Car Dog Guard Types

Car dog guards are designed specifically for different makes and models, and most of them will fit into the car without special tools.  They are generally partitions that separate the back of the car from the driver and passenger.  They are fitted into a car by the extending supports that clamp the guard securely and safely to the interior of the car to allow your dog more room during travel.

There are three basic types of car dog guards, which are:

  • Wire Mesh
  • Tubular
  • Nylon

The wire mesh and tubular car dog guards are both made from high quality steel.   There are many different designs and sizes available, depending on your car.   The nylon dog guard is not as secure, as it is simply a piece of nylon with holes in it to keep your dog from jumping into the backseat; however, it does help to keep your dog in the very back.

How to Choose

It can be difficult trying to decide how to choose the best car dog guard for you.  You will first need to decide which type will work best for your vehicle.  The wire mesh and tubular car dog guards are more secure, while the nylon is more flexible.

If you have a calm dog that basically lies down when in the car then a nylon one will probably be all that you need.  However, if your dog is more on the rambunctious side, then you may want one that is a little sturdier.   Ensure it will mount on the headrests.  Also, ensure that it is fully adjustable for height and width.


Car dog guards are designed to fit into the back of a car, generally a car that allows you to give the dog full access to the back of the vehicle.  They make it safer for transporting your pet.  You do not want your dog jumping up and down in your car.  If you have an accident, your puppy could go straight through the windshield.  Even a slow speeds the impact from an accident could break a few bones.

Car dog guards are also excellent for training your dog to ride in the car.  You will want the sturdier one if you are trying to train your puppy or energetic dog to ride in the car.  Training your dog is essential to its happiness and safety.  They cannot know what to expect from you if you do not train them.  Start early, so they know exactly what is expected of them during travel.

Confining your dog to the back will also help to avoid him from jumping in your lap while driving.  Obviously, this would not be a safe thing to happen.  If your puppy or dog is safe in the back with the car dog guard, you can keep your mind and eyes where they should be, on the road.  You will also not have to worry about your smaller dogs getting under the seats.

Compare Dog Guards for Cars

BrandPetegoMidWest Homes For PetsThe ZooKeeper Pet Barrier / The Zoo Keeper Pet Barrier
ColorBlackSatin Black E-Coat
FeatureDurable mesh car barrier
Reinforced with fiberglass rod frame
Completely adjustable to fit standard vehicles
Easily removed and stowed when not in use
Designed to work with the Walky Guard or alone
Black Electro-Coated Finish Cuts Glare for Easy Visibility
Rubber Components Protect Vehicle Interior and Pet
Fully Adjustable to Accommodate Most Vehicles
Keeps Pet to Rear of Vehicle, Safely Away From Driver & Passengers
Installs in Just Minutes
Pet barrier works with flexible cords that wrap around your headrests. Seats move freely.
Guaranteed to work with headrests and seats in ALL vehicles: 2-door cars, 4-door cars, trucks with extended cabs, wagons, and SUVs.
Custom fits to your vehicle with horizontal and vertical adjustments.
No tools required! Easy assembly and quick installation or removal. Just a few minutes. Zero drills, zero holes.
Engineered in USA. 100% satisfaction, no hassle, money back, guarantee!
TitlePetego Walky Guard Pet Mesh Car BarrierMidwest Wire Mesh Car BarriersNEW! The ZooKeeper vehicle pet barrier. Tilt. Slide. Recline. The ZooKeeper is the only metal tubing pet barrier that moves with your seats. EASY to install in 2-door cars, 4-door cars, trucks with extended cabs, wagons and SUVs. No tools needed! Design allows seat movement and easy backseat access. (aka Zoo Keeper pet barrier) Engineered in USA.
Rating4.1 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

There are many online stores and other online resources where you can buy car dog guards.  Check with your local pet stores for more options.

Car dog guards are essential if you intend to travel with your dog.  Keep you and your dog safe by installing a car dog guard into your car before you take a drive with your lovable furry friend.

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