Dog Playpen

A dog playpen provides a place for your dog to go to relax and to play while you are busy doing whatever needs done.  It is used for dogs that are not quite ready to be left all alone without supervision.   A dog playpen should not be seen as a place where he goes when he is in trouble.  It should be viewed by your dog as a place that is special only for him.  However, it is serving its purpose by keeping him safe and contained.


Young dogs are like toddlers.  They can get around and sometimes be left on their own in a safe environment, but they must be contained so they are not able to get into things that can harm them.   While your dog may do well on his own in a specific room, he may not do as well in another room.  An example of this is the kitchen.  Some dogs simply cannot keep their noses out of the garbage, no matter how much trouble he will get into.

If your dog has a place to go where he can lie down or play quietly while you are busy doing laundry, cooking dinner, working, etc.,  then you will not have to worry about what he is getting into that can harm him.

Dogs seem to find trouble.  You could have something put away thinking he would never find it, but that pocket that you put your medication in is not enough to keep him out of it.  Or what about that chocolate bar you forgot to pick up and left it on the table?  Or how about that cleaning solution you left out on the floor in front of the television?   There are simply too many situations where your dog can get hurt.  Putting him in a dog playpen can completely eliminate these dangerous situations and can be peace of mind for you.

A dog playpen is also perfect for using outdoors, especially if you do not have a fenced in yard.  This will allow your dog to enjoy the fresh air, while you are busy inside or out.  Just remember you must always keep an eye on your dog.  Don’t leave your dog unattended for very long.  Check in repeatedly to make sure she is ok.

How to Choose

There are many different types of dog playpens to choose from.   You need to take into consideration the size of your dog now and how big your dog will grow.  Your dog should be able to stretch out, lie down, turn around, and stand up without being squished.

For dog playpens that are to be used outside, choose one that is sturdy and can handle the different weather conditions in your area.  While wire cages are generally used outdoors, there are plastic ones made specifically for the outdoors.  These will not be prone to rust.

Check for how secure the pen is.  Outdoor pens should be screwed to the ground and the gate should be able to shut tightly.  Make sure the material is durable and can handle the wrath of your dog if he does get bored and starts chewing and scratching.

If your dog is large, you will want to ensure you have a pen that is very strong.  He may decide to jump on or over it.  Therefore, make sure it is high enough that he cannot climb over it.

Sprucing it Up

Create a safe haven for your dog by making his pen comfortable and fun.  Place a blanket, pillow, and some of his favorite toys or bones to pass the time.  You can also include a treat and some water if you intend on keeping him in there for long periods of time.

Where to Buy

You can find a dog playpen at any local pet store or at an online pet store. 

You can also create your own out of wire.  The important thing is to make sure it is safe and will fit the needs of you and your dog.

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