Dog Training 101 – What You Need To Know

By Mishel Roserberg

Shelters are filled with dogs that didn’t live up to owners’ expectations. A dog that is trained well will be a happy dog and a good member of your family. Training your dog can be simple to do, if you use the following steps.

Make sure your dog is eating a healthy diet. An unhealthy diet can have several negative effects on your dog. It can not only damage their health, it can also influence their behavior. Improving your dog’s diet will also improve its mental capacity.

Buy chew toys so that your puppy can deal with painful teething. Instead of allowing it to continue chewing on your important furniture or toys, provide a well-loved chew toy. If the puppy is suffering any pain from teething, freeze a wet washcloth for him or her to chew on.

The more active your dog is, the healthier it will be. Dogs can get bored easily. Dogs that lose interest are hard to train. Your dog is going to be a lot more attentive when it has received enough exercise. Lead your dog on the path to fitness by walking or jogging every day.

It takes many repetitions before a dog learns a new command. It may take as many as fifty repetitions before your dog learns the command. Firmly and steadily repeat the command. Remain patient and eventually the command will be learned.

You need to teach your dog to stop when you give them their command. You must find positive methods to reinforce your commands when training a dog. When you say ‘no’, your dog isn’t understanding how it should respond to you. Each dog is unique and has unique requirements. Training should be geared towards their needs and personality.

Start with the easy stuff. This ensures that success comes quickly and your dog learns to love training sessions. Using this method as you train produces better results.

Your training will mold and shape your dog, so take the responsibility seriously. This is something you need to know since you might undo desired behaviors with horse-playing or teasing them. Mold your dog into the pet you want by constantly working towards the behavior you desire.

Accidents are a part of training your puppy to go potty outside. Clean up any messes that are made immediately, so it doesn’t hamper your training efforts. If you don’t clean accidents up quickly, your pet may smell the mess and eliminate in the same spot again. Buy a product specially designed to neutralize odors.

Make training fun for you and your dog. Remember that dogs have short attention spans, and keep your sessions short accordingly. Keep your rewards coming and vary what you give them. Dogs get a kick of compliments and praise. When the dog enjoys their training, they will listen better.

Consistency is one of the most important requirements for effective dog training. Make a list of the commands that you are teaching your dog, and be sure that everyone in your household knows them. Behavior should be rewarded or not depending on the affect that is being sought. If the dog deals with inconsistencies while training it can become confused and it will delay the dog being trained.

When using a leash on your dog, ensure the leash remains loose. Dogs become excited when they are exploring a new area. Many dogs will strain against the leash due to their eagerness. Smart owners are quick to discourage this by rewarding the animal for leaving slack on the leash.

Does your dog like to pull on his leash during a walk? This problem is a very common one for dog owners. Thankfully, resolving it is very simple. Trade your leash for a dog harness. Harnesses can be more comfortable, and allow you to enjoy a walk without your dog pulling on its leash.

Vary the treats you use as rewards for your dog during training sessions. These treats should be easily distinguishable from the common biscuit variety you may give your dog on a regular basis as special achievements in training merit special edibles in reward.

As previously written, dog training has a lot of benefits. You are sure to enjoy training your dog with the tips presented here. You are sure to take pleasure in the process of learning, teaching and building a good relationship.

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