Effective Methods Of Teaching Your Pup Successfully

Pet owners may discover undesirable traits that animals engage in and are at their wits end with attempts to curb the activity. The pet corrector is the latest device that has been designed to gain control over out of control pets. It is a handheld device that makes use of an inert gas within a spray can to emit a sound which distracts pooches and felines from continuing bad habits.

This spray can is available in two sizes from pets shops online and includes a large nozzle on the top which is depressed for functioning. The button should be pressed as soon as your canine friend is engaging in an annoying activity which will distract the animal and stop the behavior. This is possible through a hissing sound that is emitted due to compressed air which is not harmful to pets.

Technology is based on harnessing the natural response mechanisms of the canine as animals instinctively respond to the hissing sounds. This is a result of a defense mechanism common in snakes and geese in emitting a hiss noise to ward off predators. Your domesticated pet will display the same instinctual reaction in backing away to this sound which deters animals from engaging in a particular activity.

Training specialists and behaviorists have recommended the product as a humane method for gaining control over the bad habits of domestic animals. A way to strengthen the desired response is to reward a pooch as soon as the incorrect behavior has stopped with praise or treats. Owners should implement the reward system as soon as a pet has stopped the activity that is unwanted.

Your canine friend will soon learn that bad behavior will result in the distracting hissing noise and good traits will be rewarded. This is a process of conditioning in which animals learn certain behaviors through association. A pet will soon recognize that unwanted activity will be punished with the distracting hiss while positive activity is associated with treats and praise.

This training tool has been utilized in curbing negative behavior from both cats and dogs. Should your pet be engaging in activity such as incessant barking, constant clawing or scratching, jumping and even aggression, the spray can be used effectively in each of these situations. It is a humane option in training your pet to become well balanced and less stressed because of undesirable traits.

This product is readily available and also comes in a 50 ml compact spray can so it is easily mobile. When you are considering going on a vacation with your pets but are fearful of a bad habit spoiling the getaway, the hissing product can be transported within a small bag for convenience. Even those who regularly cycle or engage in evening walks can carry a small can along with them should they be pestered by a stray dog.

The pet corrector is the latest device that is safe to use with uncontrollable pets in curbing bad behavior and training them for effective outcomes. The canister itself holds a harmless inert gas and simply requires the depression of a nozzle for functioning. This device is a human training tool that can assist in controlling problem activity.

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