Exactly What Is The Nicest Reward You Have Ever Offered To Your Pet Dog?

By David Cameron

A pat on the back if you have already got him one of these.

A Comfy Bed to Sleep in

This may sound like a bit of a boring thing to give your dog but its something he will truly like. Imagine the change for him when he goes from sleeping on a cold, hard floor to sleeping like a king on a plump, stylish bed. You should be careful to get one which is large enough for your pet and then look after it well. There are even raised dog beds around now which let him sleep in a higher position and avoid the cold floor altogether.

A Dog Jersey to Show Who He Supports

Does your pet support a sports team? Well, if he does he will likely be supporting the same one as you, won’t he? A enjoyable way to show this to the world is to buy him a Celtics dog jersey or a Los Angeles Lakers dog jersey that he can slip on once the big game comes around. These are fun items but they are able to be used normally too. As the cold weather comes around you can make sure that his all wrapped up snug whenever you go to take him out. He might also start to enjoy watching the games on Television with you as well.

A Squeaky Bone to Play With

This one sounds so obvious you might think that it isn’t worth putting on the list. Nonetheless, it remains a classic dog gift and if your pet hasn’t got one then its probably time you got him one. A dog can have hours of entertainment out of this, and it is not just for puppies either. If you want to keep him entertained then it is a very smart choice which will last for a long time and perhaps even keep him from chewing the furniture for a while as well.

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