Get Ready for the Huge Sports Game in Alternative Style

By David Cameron

When a big sports game is due on the television some of us make the preparations an almost religious experience. The lucky seats, the usual routines and other great luck charms are just some of the most regular methods of warming up for the action and getting the sporting gods on our side.

But what if you were to add some new and enjoyable elements into your big event build up and then the game itself? Let’s Have a peek at a few of the more Fascinating methods to get ready for the action. These are just a few suggestions so feel free to switch them about and change a few of the features.

Get Your Dog Involved in the Action

What does your family pet do while the game is on the television? Probably not a lot if heís anything like most of them, admittedly. You should get him dressed up with your club’s colors and he can then at least look the part whilst he isn’t truly doing a great deal. Whether you would like a Chicago Bears dog collar or a Philadelphia Eagles dog jersey, you are able to get just about any accessory online for any of the big teams. What a surprise that will be for any buddies coming round to watch the game and seeing him all dressed up and ready to go. Watch Games from the Past on the Tv

Ok, so I guess that a lot of people do this but my point is to select your games carefully. I would suggest that you watch your team’s present defeats, preferably in the hand of today’s rivalry. If there were any injustices of poor gamesmanship then so much the better. Even the dog is most likely to get worked up and ready to scream by the time you are finished with this stage.

Only Eat Food When your Winning

A mate of mine swears down by this method, it seems like a type of torture to me. He spends all day preparing his favorite foods and then puts them in front of himself just prior to the game begins. He can now eat what he wants but on one condition, that his team is leading at the time. This technique seems to work well if you support a successful team I reckon. If your team doesn’t end up winning then I’m guessing your food will be given straight to the dog. If they go on a bad losing streak you’ll soon be searching for bigger dog jackets and dog collars for him as well.

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