Golden Retriever Training Tips To Stop Pulling On Leash

By Kate Truman

Given the appropriate golden retriever training, golden retrievers certainly make great guide dog for the blind and hearing dog for deaf people. A lot of them are also chosen to hunt, to detect illegal drugs and to participate in search and rescue missions. But while they’re famous for their good work ethics along with their intelligence, things might not always come out as expected. Problems could occur at some point in time whether you like it or not. That is why as dog owner, you should always be persistent, motivated and resourceful in obtaining means to eliminate the problem.

One issue that is common not merely among golden retrievers but other breeds as well is the pulling on leash. Although a seemingly simple problem, it is crucial that you take necessary steps to fix it else experience a dog weighing about 55 to 75 pounds pull you on the street when you went out to walk.

Before you went out of the front door to savor the early morning sunshine, make sure that he is calm. Rather than going to him to get ready for the walk, call him to come to you and attach his leash. Get out of the door ahead of him. If he went out ahead of you, go back and command him to sit or stay to calm him down. This intends to make him realize that you will never go on walking if he keeps on running ahead of you or if he remains antsy. When walking, keep in mind you always ought to be ahead or next to him, not behind him. Leaders are usually in front of the pack, right?

Once he starts to pull the leash, stop immediately despite his best effort to move. Resume the walk only when he has calmed down. If he keeps on pulling, stop and walk in the opposite direction. The general rule of this certain golden retriever training is to make him figure out that you are the one who decide when and where to go and that he must keep his attention on you to determine the next destination.

Every good behavior should have an equivalent reward. Each time he moves forward, lavish him with praises and occasional treat. With patience and consistency, your precious pet will eventually learn not to pull on leash when walking.

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