Handy Advice To Remember For Toilet Training A Puppy

By Brent McCoy

If you desire to overcome the complication of having a puppy that goes potty anywhere they like, then toilet training a puppy is a practical solution to achieve that. It delivers the special features of a cleaner house and better relationship with your pet and can primarily be a matter of using consistency and positive methods to teach a puppy to go to the toilet in the right spot. If your intent is to be able to confidently leave your puppy at home, this article addresses the chief tips to consider in terms of toilet training a puppy.

1. Remembering to stay consistent

It is appealing to sometimes steer clear of remembering to stay consistent – a proposition that encompasses establishing a routine and sticking to it. It’s not suggested as without consistency your puppy will not become accustomed to the correct way to do things.

2. Keeping your puppy confined

When individuals speak about keeping your puppy confined, you probably already know it is about placing your puppy in an area or dog crate where they can not escape your view. This is a relatively useful act in view of the fact that if your puppy is given free reign of the house there will certainly be accidents.

3. Watching your puppy carefully

Not only does watching your puppy carefully entail looking for signs such as sniffing or circling that mean your puppy is about to go to the toilet, but it is also rather significant considering that if you are able to notice the signs you will prevent accidents before they happen.

4. Giving your puppy regular breaks outside

It is regularly stated that giving your puppy regular breaks outside involves keeping a close watch on the time and remembering to take your puppy out once an hour as well as after every meal – something very useful on account that young puppies can not hold their bladder for very long periods at a time.

5. Rewarding good behavior

The process of rewarding good behavior implies giving your puppy plenty of praise and playtime when they go potty in the right area. It is helpful given that without positive reinforcement your puppy will not know they are doing the right thing.

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