Healthy Dog Food Is Essential For Your Pet’s Well Being And Longevity

By Jade D. Carillo

Dog owners and people who adore animals understand that natural dog food is completely essential for their dog’s well being and longevity. It is normal for pet owners to consider their dogs as family members and wish to give them the most natural dog food and dog treats. Find a wide variety of nutritionally balanced and complete dog food and gourmet dog treats made from holistic, natural and organic ingredients for good prices at specialty pet health food stores online.

Similar to humans, a pet’s health is also reflective of its diet and a dog’s dietary needs will change over the progression of its life. In order to ensure that you have a healthy pet, it is necessary to select pet food and treats based on several factors such as your dog’s age or life stage, weight and overall health condition. You will find that healthy dog food and cat food that are made with organic and wholesome ingredients have been specially designed to ensure a balanced diet.

It is crucial that an average adult dog gets abundant levels of high quality animal protein to sustain and repair muscles, essential minerals and vitamins for a strong immune system, fiber for good digestion, vitamin rich fish oils for smooth coat and skin and grains for energy. The dietary requirements of cats vary from a dog, because cats are obligatory carnivores and need much higher levels of animal protein. Although cats unconditionally need animal protein, fats and water to protect against their tendency for dehydration, they have very little need for large amounts of carbohydrates that are found in cheap commercial pet food.

Dog treats are very useful in training as special rewards or for occasional indulgence and should not be given in large quantities that interfere with meals. Some treats are also used for dental health and the composition of dog treats and cat treats are just as important as the ingredients of their food. Treats can powerfully reinforce behavior and should be handed out carefully so that you do not accidentally enforce unwanted behavior by giving it at the wrong moment.

Dog supplements are normally only prescribed for special circumstances such as illness, arthritis, allergy, pregnancy, lactation etc. Always consult with your veterinarian before using dog supplements and ensure that they have been formulated specifically for pets so as to prevent supplementation toxicity. Healthy pet is a happy pet, so consider nourishing your pet with natural, holistic, organic food to keep them healthy and comfortable.

The best way to take care of your pet is to provide him with good food. One must buy the best dog supplements that contains the essential nutrients. Anything you want or need can be reached by clicking this link.

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