Important Things You Should Know In Regards To The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier, often called the “Scottie”, is a terrier dog. They have a wiry coat with erect ears and a long beard. It was in the 1400s the breed first came into existence. They were initially used for hunting vermin. In the modern day they are a popular choice as a companion dog. They are identifiable by their distinctive beard and friendly nature. Their breeding lineage includes the Skye Terrier (or vice versa, it’s unknown for sure) and are known to have come from the Highlands of Scotland.

They are classed as a small sized breed. The appropriate female guidelines are 10 inches tall and a weight of 18-21 pounds, while the male dimensions are 10 inches tall and a weight of 19-22 pounds. They are famous for their alert, loving and adventurous disposition. They can be unsuitable as a protection dog, as they are typically friendly with strangers. The breed ranks 65th in comparison to every other dog when learning new obedience commands, and are confirmed to be not highly smart.

They’re good towards children, which can mean they are suitable as a family pet. Other animals such as smaller animals they may confuse for prey don’t live well with them. Looking after their coat is a time consuming task. They require regular brushing of their coat every week, and a proper groom every 4 to 8 weeks. They love having a small, well-fenced backyard so they have plenty of space, but can be suitable for living in an apartment.

They are for the most part long-lived, as is the case with most small sized dog breeds, with an expected life of 12-14 years. They’re vulnerable to “Scottie Cramp”, Von Willebrand’s disease, patellar luxation, allergies and skin problems, but their primary health concern is cancer. They enjoy hobbies like chasing a ball or running around the yard. To prevent the threat of destructive behavior, they need moderate walks every day owing to their high level of energy.

If you bring home the Scottish Terrier you must be willing to give them adequate leadership and attention. They are not the best option for households with smaller pets, but a good option for confident owners that will give them strong leadership. One of the characteristics dog lovers find most appealing regarding this particular dog is it is easy to become attached to for their handsome appearance and loving character. One more characteristic dog lovers find appealing in regards to them is they are known to be good with kids and make a great family pet.

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