Key Facts To Understand In Regards To The Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk Terrier (often called the Norwich Terrier as at one stage they were the same breed) belongs to the terrier breed class. They have short ears and a wiry coat that comes in several colors. The breed is assumed to have first originated during the early 1900s. Hunting rats is the purpose they were originally bred for. They are a popular choice as a companion for families or allergy sufferers nowadays. Qualities such as their bold manner and love of children are what they can be recognized by. Their earlier ancestors are English and Irish terrier breeds and are believed to have been developed in England.

They are recognized as a small sized breed of dog. The appropriate male and female guidelines are 9-10 inches tall and a weight of 11-12 pounds. Their character is recognized as being bold, loyal and often stubborn. They can be unsuitable as a protection dog, as they are typically friendly towards people they haven’t met. Compared to every other dog, they’re known to be fairly clever, and are ranked equal 56th when learning new instructions.

They are suitable as a family pet, seeing as they are good towards kids. They do get along well with other pets like other dogs and cats (but not smaller animals like mice or birds). One simple job is taking care of their coat. They require a small amount of brushing through their coat once every few days, and a proper groom once every 6 to 8 weeks. They love having a small (but doesn’t always need one) backyard that gives them room to run around, but can easily be suited to living in an apartment.

They are largely long-lived, as is the case with a good number of small sized dog breeds, with a life expectancy of 12-15 years. They’re susceptible to breathing problems and epilepsy, but their most severe health issue is heart problems. Activities like running around or playing fetch will provide them with hours of fun. To prevent hyperactivity, they require moderate walks each day due to their high level of energy.

If you own the Norfolk Terrier you need to be prepared to give them plenty of attention and spend time training. They are a good option for active owners, families or allergy sufferers, but not the best choice for owners with smaller animals. Perhaps the most significant reason why dog owners find this breed particularly attractive is it is a characteristically friendly terrier that is good towards kids and guests.

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