Learn About Heartgard Plus for Dogs

Heartgard plus for dogs is considered an oral medicine for heartworms. This is not like other oral heartworm medications that you can purchase in the market because this is presented in the form of a tasty chewable treat. In order to make heartgard plus for dogs very appetizing to your dogs, it is loaded with beef flavors. If your dogs do not want beef treats in the form of heartgard plus chewables, you can also find Heartgard in tablet form.

In heartgard plus for dogs, it contains a substance which is called Ivermectin. This is a substance which is an outstanding controller of the growth and harboring of parasites in your pets. This is also a substance used by many other well-known similar products that you can obtain in the market. Heartgard plus for dogs is known as the best remedy for heartworm disease. When you purchase heartgard plus for dogs, you can expect that there is enough Ivermectin to eliminate the larvae of heartworm present.

You have to understand that heartgard plus for dogs is not a form of preventive medication intended to prevent dog infection. This will stop the larvae from living longer in your dogs’ body. That is why this is will halt any form of organism related problems that may arise in the near future. You have to give your dog one tablet of heartgard plus every month. You have to follow this standard properly. Otherwise, you will give the larvae in your dogs the opportunity to regenerate. The component of heartgard plus for dogs, which is Ivermectin, will help in eliminating the larvae of heartworm for one entire month. After one month, the effectiveness of it will be reduced. This is the reason why you need to give your dog the medication on a monthly basis.

Alongside with the very potent ingredient Ivermectin, heartgard plus for dogs is also loaded with other active ingredients, like pyrantel, and other anti-parasite ingredients. Specifically, heartgard plus for dogs targets both ringworms as well as hookworms present in your dog. Because of this, it is a nice addition to your deworming regimen. Unlike the other de-worming products, this will offer you a convenient way of eliminating the parasite problems in your dogs. You do not need to force your pets to take it because of its beef flavor. In addition, your dogs will not feel any sort of irritation unlike the liquid forms of deworming for your pet.

The price of heartgard plus for dogs is very much friendly to your pocket. You do not have the problematic high cost de-worming treatments that are offered in animal clinics. With just a minimal amount, you can completely eliminate the parasites present in your pet. You may even say no to the de-worming services offered by your veterinarian.

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