Motivations To Be Sure Your Pup Has The Best Lead

Using a head harness for dogs, such as the halti head collar, offers several favorable advantages over other types of traditional harnesses including better control and security. Designed like a horse halter, they allow the owner to better control the dog by controlling the head instead of the neck area. This allows the owner maximum control but is not uncomfortable for the pet.

Halti harnesses are a gentle way to teach your dog proper leash walking. They are especially beneficial for pets that have an issue with aggression or extreme pulling while leashed. A dog that pulls and lunges can be unsafe for both the owner and the dog, especially for large breed animals that can out-power the person walking them.

Control of the dog’s head gives you control over the entire body, allowing you to determine the direction for walking. If your dog is easily excitable or pulls excessively, this can be harmful to the dog’s neck with a normal collar. The Halti collar prevents this pulling motion so that the animal’s neck is not strained.

Most untrained pets get easily excited when walking, especially if there are other dogs close by. This can be a challenge for pet owners since they are struggling to control the dog instead of enjoying the walk. A head harness prevents that painful shoulder strain that occurs when trying to restrain an over excited dog.

With a head lead, the flexible fabric does not harm the animal yet is strong enough for you to exert control over the direction of their head. This technique encourages good behavior and is a great educational tool for teaching your dog to obey commands. It is a great training device that produces quick results on even the most unruly pets. This type of lead is ideal for larger sized dogs as well since they won’t be able to exert their weight to pull you along.

Another benefit with a Halti collar is that the pet is still able to open its mouth giving it some freedom and a less restrictive feeling. Your dog can still stop to eat and drink on long walks without the hassle of having to remove the collar. Yet you still have control over the animal, which is beneficial in a multi-dog environment. Your pet can also still play since the mouth is free to grasp objects like sticks and tennis balls.

Both puppies and older dogs can learn proper walking techniques from this type of lead. Most animals easily adjust to the feel of a head harness within a few sessions with proper encouragement and praise. Dogs love to walk, and teaching your pet to walk with you instead of against you is beneficial to both of you.

A lifetime of pleasurable walks can be achieved by taking the time to practice proper techniques and training. By using a Halti collar as a training too, you will teach your pet to obey without inflicting discomfort or pain, making the training process less stressful for both of you.

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