Puppy Cages

Your puppy deserves a place to feel comfortable and secure.  Puppy cages give your puppy a sense of security.   There are a variety of reasons on why you will need a puppy cage.   Many times, people will feel that they are doing a disservice to their puppy; however, in reality a puppy cage can keep him safe and happy.

Puppy Cage Types

There are just a few basic types of puppy cages.  The type you choose will depend on the reason you will intend to use the cage.   There are portable cages and stationery cages to choose from.  Here are the basic types of puppy cages:

  • Wire Mesh Crate – This type of puppy cage seems to be the most popular.  It offers the best ventilation and visibility.  It will last longer because it is made from metal.  Their open design makes it easier to clean.  But most importantly, your puppy can feel a part of the family because of its openness.
  • Airplane Puppy Crate – This type of crate is made from thick plastic.  It has solid walls and ceiling.  It is only meant for travel, as it is too secluded for a puppy, but does have its advantages for travel.  Since your puppy will be traveling, the solid walls and ceiling will give your puppy a sense of security.
  • Polyester Crates – A polyester dog cage has solid walls and ceiling.  They are easy to transport because they are lightweight; however, they are not as sturdy.  These are basically only good for traveling.
  • Wood Crates – This type of crate is made from solid wood or wood and metal combination.  It is similar to a wire crate, except that it looks more like a piece of furniture.  Best used for a potty trained puppy.

It is even possible that you will need at least two types, if you intend to travel with your puppy.

How to Choose

Before you can choose a puppy cage, you will need to determine why you need the puppy crate.  Will you be puppy training or traveling?  Do you need a place for your puppy to sleep at night and when you are away?  Determine the type of cage you need based on the above information, and then take the following into consideration:

  • Safety – Make sure the puppy cage does not have any rough or sharp edges.  Make sure all pieces of metal wire are smooth and rounded.  You will want to make sure a wire crate comes with a removable tray for easier cleaning.
  • Size – The size is important.  If you are using a crate for puppy training, you will not want to purchase a crate that is too large.  Make sure that the dog crate you purchase is tall enough for your puppy to stand and turn around in a circle comfortably.  If you purchase a larger one, then your puppy will use one side as a bathroom and one for sleeping.  Once your puppy has become potty trained, you will want to purchase a crate that will fit him as he grows.
  • Use – If you are intending on traveling, you will want a polyester crate or airplane crate.  If you want a puppy cage for sleeping quarters at home, you will want a sturdier cage, such as a wire or wood crate.

Choosing a puppy cage is pretty simple.  As long as you purchase one that is safe, the right size, and the right type for its use, you will find a puppy cage pretty easily.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining and caring for a puppy cage is simple.  Always clean any messes your puppy may make right away.  Use ammonia free cleaner to sanitize the puppy crate.  If you use ammonia-based cleaners, your puppy may become confused when it smells the residue since its urine is ammonia based.  Disinfect the plastic tray and wire bottom to remove any lingering urine odor.

Where to Buy

Puppy cages are sold in most pet shops, pet stores, and online.

Puppies deserve to be safe.  Puppy cages will help to ensure your puppy is always safe and secure when you are not able to be there for him.

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