Puppy Pen

Puppies are cute and adorable, loving and fun, but there are times when they can turn into annoying little monsters that can destroy a room in literally minutes.   A puppy pen can help you train your puppy to help them avoid all the different ways they can get into trouble.   It can be used to help you solve these problems, or it can simply give your little angel a timeout when she needs it.

Puppy Pen Uses

  • Puppy training
  • Safety during travel
  • For backyards without a fence


There are many different types of puppy pens.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Plastic
  • Collapsible nylon covered frame
  • Wire

Either of these will help to provide a controlled, safe area for your puppy and all can be used indoors or out.  The wire ones are generally more durable and last longer.  They are better for outdoor use as opposed to plastic models.  However, plastic models seem to be more popular when used indoors because they look much better in your home.

How to Choose

The first thing you must do is determine how you will use it.  Here are questions to consider before you make that purchase:

  • Will it be used indoors or out?
  • Will you need to move it on a daily basis?
  • Will it be used on a daily basis or only when you travel?
  • Will it be used as a play area?

Once you have made the decision on what you want to use it for, then it is time to find a puppy pen.  Before you make that purchase, check to see if you can add additional sections or panels for height to keep your dog in.  Also, see if you can add sections so you can add room as your puppy grows.

If you buy one that does not allow you to add sections as he grows, then you may end up having to buy more down the line.  Make sure the pen is easy to put up and take down if you intend on moving it a lot.

How to Use an Indoor Puppy Pen Training

There are different things you can do to use a pen for training your puppy.  Here are a couple of ideas to help you use your puppy pen for training in the following situations:

Jumping on Guests

Puppies can become excited when a guest walks through that front door.  This excitement leaves them jumping on your guest, which cannot only be annoying for your guest, but can also cause an injury depending on how small your guest is and how big your puppy is.

Start by putting him in his pen whenever you hear the doorbell ring or someone knock.  Leave him in the pen as your guest enters so he can become familiar with your guest being there.  Once he has calmed down, you can let him out.

If he leaps up, then immediately say “no” and place him back in the pen.  The key here is consistency.  Every single time your puppy jumps up, you must place him in his pen.  You must also give him a chance, so don’t leave him in there the entire time, or you will miss out on an opportunity to train him.  If there are not any opportunities, then he cannot ever learn.  Eventually, your puppy will realize that this is not desirable behavior, and will stop jumping.


Puppies have a tendency to chew.  It is a natural process, just like a baby.  As their baby teeth grow, it feels good on their teeth to chew.  Therefore, you do not want to become too angry with him; however, you will want to stop him from chewing items that are not meant for him early before it becomes a habit.

Place your puppy in a pen with some fun chewy toys.  Once she has gotten used to playing inside the pen with these particular chew toys, then you can bring her outside of the pen to play.  If she starts to chew on something that is not suitable, then say “no” and hand her a toy.  Then praise her for playing with that toy.

Where to Buy

Puppy pens can be found in most good pet stores including online pet stores and other online locations such as eBay and NexTag.

A puppy pen can help to keep your puppy safe while not having to put him in a cage.  It provides more room than a cage for when you are home and can keep an eye on him.

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