Rabbit Pens

Rabbit pens come in different sizes and heights.  They are generally made from wire and wood.  They are larger than a cage, which allows for more room for your bunny to move about and get some exercise.   They also allow your bunny to have a larger contained place to play than a cage while you are not able to watch him.


Because of the extra room, you can actually create a fun play area for your bunny.  You can throw in some toys, give him a Cottontail Cottage, include his litter box, etc.  Anything your bunny desires can be placed inside a bunny pen.    Here are some more benefits:

  • They can be shaped to be configured into a space available in your home because they are flexible.
  • Your bunny feels like he has a little more freedom than being stuck in a small cage.
  • You get more space for your money as rabbit pens cost the same or even less than a standard bunny cage.
  • Pens are easy to clean and are portable, so you can take your bunny on vacation or anywhere you want to show him off.


While rabbit pens are generally made from wire and wood, there are different aspects you need to look for when choosing a pen for outdoor or indoor use.    Bunnies may need a little more protection outdoors than indoors, so the pen needs to be more secure for an outdoor pen.

Indoor Rabbit Pens

These are a great way to allow your pet to interact with the family.  You should put the pen in a location where the family will be most of the time, such as in the living room or play room.  This will give your pet bunny the feeling of being part of the family, and your family members will not “forget” about your bunny because he is stuck in a cage in the downstairs basement where no one wants to go and your bunny should not be for health concerns.

Because wire cages are flexible, you can place it anywhere you have the room.  If you need to shape it a bit to make it fit in a specific area, this can be arranged to.  You will want to place something on the floor to protect the carpeting in case of accidents; however, your bunny can be litter trained.  Bunnies are clean animals and will use their litter box to prevent from dirtying their play area.

These pens can be turned into a “palace” for your bunny.   There are many types of Cottontail Cottages available that can be placed inside.  You can even make your own.  They love to slide down the slide part of the cottage.   If you need to make the pen a little more secure, you can add netting to the top.

Outdoor Rabbit Pens

These need to be a little more secure than one that you have indoors.  When it is outside, there are many different dangers your bunny can face, such as predators, poisonous plants, and dirt.  Outdoor pens should be completely enclosed because your bunny can dig to get out or predators can dig to get in.

While you will need to have it completely enclosed, you will want to have a protective covering on the bottom to protect their feet, such as a thick layer of straw.  Clean golden straw not only serves as a protective layer, it is also a good ingredient for rabbits to chew and eat.  Outdoor runs always need to have a roof.  Hinged plywood roofs are good because your bunny can go outside even when it is raining.

Rabbit pens can be found in most good pet stores including online pet stores and other online locations such as eBay and NexTag.

Bunnies love rabbit pens because it gives them more room for fun and freedom.

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