Taking Pictures of Your Household Pet

If it’s true that a great picture is worth a thousand words, then a good picture of your pet should be worth a thousand “woofs” or “meows”, right? Quite often, a pet is as much of a part of your family as the actual humans that live in your home. In fact, many houses have picture frames on the mantelpiece that are filled with candid shots of their animals. If this is true of your pet, then you might be hoping to catch some really great pictures of your family pet so that you can always remember the good times which your family shared with your four-footed friend. Follow the hints below and achieving this task ought to be a breeze.

• Start off with quality equipment. A great quality digital camera is needed to take the best photographs of your pet. Regrettably, the most common result when using a camera phone or a cheap digital camera is pictures that have such low resolution that they’re bad quality when you attempt to print them in the size you want.

• Read your camera’s user manual carefully. If you would like to end up with something that you’d be pleased to display in a picture frame then your manual will be a wonderful place to look for pointers on the best way to accomplish that. Ensure that your camera is at its ideal setting for getting the best pictures.

• Go for shots of your pet in natural lighting. Close up shots are excellent for showing your dog’s or cat’s disposition and unique expressions.

• Get down on the ground or perhaps the floor, on the pet’s level to get the best photos of your pet. Put yourself in a position where you and your pet can see eye to eye, and take pictures from that spot.

• Ensure that your pet will keep looking at the camera by bribing him with treats or making funny noises. If you must, it is ok to have a whole arm or hand in the photo if you need to hold the pet.

• You will want to consider exactly where you are going to hang your finished picture and what frame you’re going to use before you actually take the pictures. Do you want a horizontal or vertical shot?

• You need to be patient and let your pet get accustomed to the sounds and look of the camera. The flash of the camera as well as the clicking noise that it makes can surprise or even irritate your pooch or kitty.

• Stay calm and do your best to act normal all through the picture-taking session.

• Try to time your pet photos. If you desire a few shots of your dog or cat in action, playing and being active, then don’t wait till the very of the day when they’re all tuckered out. Although, if you want some images of your pet in a calm pose, the evening is the very best time of day to get them – after you’ve taken the dog on his nightly run or your cat has tired of messing around with her ball of yarn or different toys.

• Make sure you always have spare batteries ready to use. If you want to increase the chances of getting a picture that is worth putting in a picture frame, then make sure you take many pictures.

Above all, have a good time! You will get some excellent pictures if you just relax and keep these helpful tips in mind.

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