Ten Dog Gift Suggestions For First Time Dog Owners

Any helpful dog suprise for a new dog owner will be warmly appreciated. There are currently 78.2 million dogs throughout the nation and this figure keeps increasing. Undoubtedly we all know someone who’s going to be introducing this new canine member to their family. To appreciate their new dog with a gift would surely make the owner glad. It does not have to be extravagant – it is the thought that is important.

For those that already own a dog, many of these recommendations will be obvious. For those that may not, below is a report that could be helpful.

1) Toys are always appreciated. If the addition is a new pup, chew toys as well as dental bones are especially preferred.

2) A treat container filled with yummy dog treats might brighten the kitchen of your friend. Some treat jars can even be personalized.

3) A dog collar crafted from nylon or good quality soft leather is a good choice for a dog gift. You will need the dimensions of the dog’s neck. It must have plenty of space for expansion, yet not too large right now. You must be allowed to slip two of your fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

4) A dog leash will be required and appreciated. There definitely are a large range of options available. Nylon or a cotton weave is the ideal. A leather leash may last for a longer time, but it is likely to be chewed by the new puppy and it is generally very stiff at first. Keep far from chain leashes for dogs.

5) A dog bag is certainly a true requirement and it is an excellent dog gift. This is going to be utilized to transport the dog poop bags whenever they are unused and totally full. Make sure you purchase one that could be either connected to the leash or the belt-loops of the owner. It ought to come in various sizes and offer space for a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

6) Two dog bowls are going to be necessary – one designed for food as well as one intended for water. Stainless steel bowls tend to be the most appropriate option. They are really easy to wash and also they are unbreakable, which means that they cannot be chewed by dogs.

7) A dog bed will come in many options. The best to launder are the types which are stuffed with poly-beads. A bed which has a detachable exterior cover makes this job even easier.

8) Any nail trimming set will be needed and welcomed. It is essential to ensure that suggestions meant for nail trimming of dogs happen to be included in the set.

9) Attire for any new dog is a good welcome present for all fashion conscience owners. The great diversity of dog outfits available is pretty remarkable. They vary from common t-shirts and sweaters to reflective vests and even to NFL jerseys. Have a little pleasure with your dog gift selection.

10) Dog jewelry including necklaces, hairpins, and charms to attach to the collar may be treasured by a number of dog owners that you are aware of.

There’s a wide variety of other possibilities like dog calendars, personalized picture frames, and dog lover’s coffee mugs as well as t-shirts. Quite possibly a gift card to any pet shop might be the option for some friends, as it will allow the owner to choose what she or he likes. The critical thing to be aware of is that whatever you pick out, you’ll have noticed the power of your friend’s new family member. Your thoughtfulness is actually all that matters. Have a great time shopping for your dog gift!

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