Top Tricks for Taking Snapshots of Animals and Pets

Whether you are looking to snap a couple of pictures of man’s best friend or you wish to photograph your favorite animals on your next getaway to the nearby zoo, photographing animals and pets can be a lot of fun. If your personal pet is just like a child to you, then it may be that your goal is to get some good pictures to show off in picture frames on your desk where you work. There truly is and art to capturing good animal photos, and reading this article will help you to know how to take high quality pictures that you will forever hold dear.

Be Tolerant When Taking photos of Animals

Pets are able to get tired during a photography session in the same way that human children can. Keep your photo sessions brief and sweet. Keep your voice relaxed. Also exercise patience. Consider experimenting with taking some pictures while the pet does the standard everyday things it always does rather than making a big deal with the camera and attempting to pose the animal, as this could make your pet feel afraid.

Grab the Animal’s Interest with Props.

You will find that props benefit you greatly when you take pictures of pets. A lot of pets are just not “into” posing for a camera, however with the correct props, you can get even the shyest pet’s attention. Use a toy, a multi-colored flower, a squeaky chew, or even a small and rewarding snack to encourage your pet to look your direction.

Get Down to the Pet’s Level

If you lower yourself to the pet’s level the same way that you do when taking pictures of a kid, this will make it easy for you to capture some excellent pet photos. If you place yourself at your pet’s level, you can get beautiful eye contact shots that will be so memorable. The most meaningful and warm pet pictures (the shots that you just cannot wait to exhibit in picture frames through your home or office) are taken on the pet’s eye level, and not looking down on your pet from above.

Utilize the Zoom Function to Get Close

Either step up close or use your zoom feature to get up close and personal with your pet. Make sure the whole display screen or the viewfinder is filled with your pet. This will place an emphasis on what is actually important in the shot. If the focus distance on your camera is a thing you’re not familiar with, check out your owner’s manual.

Closing Suggestions

It’s good idea to take snap shots of animals actively playing and running, as this is what they love to do! Snap some action shots of your pet while it is enjoying things like running, jumping, begging, and frolicking around. Also make sure that you take a wide variety of pictures, increasing the chances of ending up with great pet photos. The great thing about a digital camera is that you can feel free to snap as many shots as you like, and then view them later on to choose your absolute favorites. Think of displaying your favorite shots in pet-themed picture frames which will add to the beauty of your photos.

If you do some planning ahead, it is not hard to capture some wonderful pet photos that will really draw out the best qualities of your pet.

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