Warm Dog Beds Promote Joint Comfort

By Kathleen X. Daye

The aim of all warm dog beds and cooling dog beds are to control the temperature of your dog’s bed so that they can stay cozy and comfortable when they sleep. What personal space does your dog or cat have to curl up in and nap when they are feeling exhausted after a long day of playing? Many animals wind up sleeping on a couch or other piece of furniture, but this can damage the fabric and make your furniture dirty. Offering your pet their private bed that is designed just for them will help them rest better and keep your furniture clean, too. Orthopedic foam dog beds, cool dog beds, and warming beds are each available for pet lovers who want to give the very best level of comfort to their dogs and cats.

As pets become more aged, joint pain and stiffness often becomes a problem for them that robs animals of their usually happy disposition. Orthopedic foam dog beds take this into consideration and are manufactured in a way that will not put undue stress on your dog’s joints regardless of how they choose to sleep. The foam and down cushions that are used to make orthopedic dog beds come in lots of different sizes so that you can find one that is just right for your pet; the same goes for orthopedic bolster beds which are designed in a similar way.

If you reside in a place with a warm climate, you know that the dog days of summer are especially hard on your pets. The idea behind cooling dog beds is to give your pet somewhere special to lie down that will allow them to cool off even during a hot day. Some of such cool dog beds are created to be filled with water which then spreads out along the base of the bed to disperse heat when your pet lies down. You can also find pet bed coolers that function using electricity and are entered into or beneath pet beds to cool them off for your dog.

Cold winter nights are hard on your dog’s joints and can make them uncomfortable, but warm dog beds can help. You can manage the temperature of heated dog beds by using their heating pads and controls; these plug into basic wall outlets and warm up much like an electric blanket would.

If your pet is part of the family, you will definitely want them to feel comfortable at home and while resting. Modern dog beds, such as cooling dog beds, cool dog beds, warm dog beds, and orthopedic foam dog beds, are designed specifically with that goal in mind.

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