What Things Should You Understand When It Comes To The Western Highland White Terrier?

The Western Highland White Terrier, often called the “Westie”, is classified under the terrier dog breed category. They have a rough white coat with deep eyes and pointy ears. The breed is thought to have first existed in the 1800s. They were first raised for hunting foxes, badgers and other pests. They are a common choice as a companion dog these days. They are identifiable by their distinctive white coat and friendly nature. They are a descendant of the Scottish Terrier and Cairn Terrier and are assumed to have originated in Scotland.

They are identified as a small sized breed of dog. The standard male dimensions are 11 inches high and a weight of 15-20 pounds, while the female dimensions are 10 inches tall with a weight of 13-18 pounds. Their manner is recognized as being affectionate, happy and devoted. The breed is typically friendly towards strangers, and this makes them unsuitable as a guard dog. The breed is ranked equal 47th compared with every other dog when being taught new commands, and are identified as being fairly clever.

They’re good with kids, which can mean they are suitable (mostly if the kids are older) as a family pet. Other pets such as other dogs they’re raised with do live peacefully with them. Grooming them is a time consuming assignment. They require fair brushing of their coat every few days, and a full-body groom once every 4 to 6 weeks. They love to have a small, well-fenced yard so they have plenty of space, but can be suited to living in an apartment.

They are largely long-lived, like a good number of small sized breeds, with a life expectancy of 12-14 years. Their primary health risk is globoid cell leukodystrophy, and they can also be susceptible to cataracts, patellar luxation and skin problems. Activities such as running around or fetching balls will give them great pleasure. To reduce the likelihood of hyperactivity or other bad habits, they call for moderate walks each day because of their high level of energy.

If you choose to buy the Western Highland White Terrier you need to be prepared to give them early training to prevent Small Dog Syndrome. They’re a good choice for active owners or families with older children, but not the best choice for households with animals other than dogs. Here are just a few facts you might be attracted to about the Western Highland White Terrier:

1. One of the features dog lovers find most appealing about this breed is it is more popular than almost any other terrier for its lovable appearance.

2. One more attractive thing when it comes to them is they can be more accepting of guests due to their friendly nature.

3. Another quality about them which is good is they can also make a great family pet if your kids are older.

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