What You Need to Know About Pregnancy In Dogs

Pregnancy in dogs is usually intimidating for the new dog owner. If your dog is expecting puppies and you would like to know how to best care for her, you need to read below.

Each time a dog becomes pregnant, you may see that their body actually starts to change. Pregnancy in dogs can only happen when a dog comes into season. This takes place approximately every six months. You can tell when a dog is on heat as they commonly have a natural bodily discharge during this time. If the time isn’t right for your dog to become pregnant, always segregate her from all male dogs until she comes off heat.Pregnancy in dogs can be recognized by potential adjustments to behavior which include loss of appetite and lethargy. She may also have changes around the nipple area which will begin to develop as a result of hormonal changes. After some time her appetite will return and she will start to gain weight. Her abdomen will grow noticeably during this period.

Initially you will have to understand the signs of pregnancy in dogs. If you think your dog might possibly be pregnant, have her checked by the vet. Your vet may easily determine when a dog is pregnant merely by checking her stomach area. A quick examination of your dog’s mid-section will establish any pregnancy. He may tell you the right way to care for your dog’s health while she is pregnant and even the prospective delivery date. This will allow you to better get ready for when to watch your dog carefully to be able to know when your dog is in distress and making ready to have puppies.

Make certain that in the period your dog is expecting that you deliver good nourishing food to her. Give your dog plenty of love and consideration while she is pregnant. If you’re not sure how to feed your dog during this time, your vet can easily provide you with the important information for feeding a pregnant dog. Exercise should not be overlooked and is an important component when dealing with pregnancy in dogs. If you can take your dog for a walk daily, that will be ideal. Don’t encourage any extreme exercise that would be too tiring for her until after she has had her puppies.

Pregnancy in dogs is the perfect opportunity to pamper your dog and look after all her requirements. Your pregnant dog will require a nutritious diet and sufficient exercise every day to build and maintain her health. Due to the potential for complications during the birth, someone should stay with your dog continuously. If you have a dog that is at this point, check she has a comfy area lined with blankets or towels she can use to give birth. You’ll soon know when the time has arrived, as she will pace around restlessly and at the same time reject all food or treats When your dog starts to have contractions, it’s a sure sign that the puppies are on their way. Usually the birth will proceed effortlessly and your dog’s natural instincts will take over. Your purpose is purely as an observer so you can be there if things start to go wrong. If your dog starts to show obvious distress, this can be a warning sign that she is experiencing complications. This might be as a result of either a puppy that is stuck in the birth canal or some other dysfunction of the normal birth process. If this occurs, your smartest choice is to call the vet straight away to request guidance, particularly when your dog is vomiting.

Pregnancy in dogs normally happens without problems with virtually no problems. Having said that, always be there along with your dog in case things go awry, but also to offer her with friendship and support.

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