Why Halti Collars Are Great For Individuals With Bigger Dogs

Struggling and exhausting yourself when it comes to walking a large and powerful dog is certainly not a pleasant experience. Common problems with larger breeds include lunging, pulling and dragging owners across distances while out walking a large or giant breed. Halti harnesses have been designed to guide the head of a dog and are considered one of the most effective pet tools to master the walk.

The halti collar incorporated the contours of the canine and includes strapping over the head and neck areas. The link extends under the muzzle and has an attachment option for safety purposes which extends to the collar. The strapping has been designed in such a way to prevent the occurrence of lunging and pulling.

This special leader has incorporated additional strapping into its design in order to prevent the item from slipping over the eyes of your dog. The strap which is attached to the collar provides an enhanced safety mechanism which is especially necessary for really strong canines who by chance may free the muzzle area during an outdoor trip. Should this occur, the walker will still have maximum control as the entire device is still attached to the collar and the lead.

Walks no longer need to be exhausting with the use of specifically designed Halti collars for large and powerful dogs. Use of this item will also prevent your dog from choking itself which is noted with the common choke chain. Constant strain and intense pulling causes the chains and other collars to restrict around the delicate throat area which may case considerable damage to this region.

Doctor Roger Mugford is the professional responsible for the creation of these original and unique pet behavior tools as he has reported a tremendous number of pet owners struggling with walking their dogs. The collar was designed according to the head lead which is used with guiding the heads of horses as the body naturally follows. Large breed owners should remember to keep the lead short in order to prevent the canine from gaining momentum over distance which may lead to problematic lunging and pulling behaviors.

With options for a longer snout or flatter muzzle, every breed is provided with comfort during an outing. The tool is strapped around the muzzle and the back of the head in order to allow canine movement and owner control. There are endless benefits when it comes to utilizing the apparatus for use with big and strong dogs.

This collar includes an on-off muzzle effect which is advantageous for those who struggle with dogs that regularly lunge and pull. This is because as soon as the animal does lunge, the specially designed ring strap will close around the muzzle and his jaws will be closed. When the pooch relaxes and behaves accordingly, the ring strap will be loose in order for the dog to pant freely.

Halti collars are largely beneficial for use with larger breeds as its main purpose is to prevent unpleasant pulling and lunging. A range of sizes are available for a range of different breeds. All pet owners will have the opportunity to master the walk utilizing this revolutionary product and in adhering to safety tips such as a shorter leash and lack of tugging.

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