Why The Wobbler Dog Toy Will Make For A Happy Pet

Food dispensing dog toys, like a Wobbler, are much more than toys to the dog, and much more valuable than a mere toy to the owner. And if they aren’t given a way to safely chew and hunt, every owners knows that they will find it on their own. That is because for dogs, toys represent so much more than play things. Hunting, chewing and destroying is built into their very nature. Even though most of us believe them to be a part of our family already, dogs are still animals that have instincts that need to be met.

Failure to Satisfy their Instincts is at the Peril of Property
When we fail to provide toys and activities that satisfy their need to chew, we leave that job up to them, and we might not appreciate their choices. If we do not provide an alternative, the dog is very likely to choose its own chew toy, like 300 dollar shoes, or a three thousand dollar table. Being engaged in obtaining food means they are not otherwise engaged in destroying property.

Food Dispensing Dog Toys Make them Work For their Meal or Treat
Every dog wants and needs to be a working dog. Hunting and getting their food is both invigorating and rewarding in the wild. Food dispensing dog toys simulates that process. The dog has to actually interact with the toys for the food to appear rather than it just simply being there.

Increases Activity
Increasing activity in your pet is just as beneficial for them as it is for us. Even the small act of playing to obtain a meal, helps keep the dog healthy. Increased activity helps dogs live longer, happier lives.

Slows Rapid Eating
When food is placed out for a dog, the instinct is to gobble it down before some other animal comes to get their share. This tends to lead to rapid eating as well as overeating. To increase activity, slow down the eating process and control portions, have the meal become a challenge.

Entertains the Brain
We, as owners, like to think that the stimulation that we provide by our company for our dogs is enough fill their needs. While they do enjoy our company, they still need activities that stimulate their intellect and satisfy their canine instincts. Food dispensing dog toys and other products like tug toys, provide a intellectually stimulating activity that keeps the dog busy beyond the time it would take to simply eat a dish of food that has been presented to them.

Over all, meeting your dog’s canine need to work for food is very beneficial to your sanity and your wallet.

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