You’re Going To Realize That Fish Oil Will Be Great For Your Iguana’s Health

By Laura Gregory

When individuals think about health for their iguana they typically consider eating right as well as exercising. But when it pertains to vitamin supplements most folks never really give them a thought. Even though the one a day type vitamins can present your iguana with many of the vitamins and minerals they need need, you’re going to discover that fish oil is not typically in the ingredients. And for those of you that are not aware, the reason fish or fish oil is so important is mainly because it contains omega 3. In This Post we’re going to be covering a number of the health benefits associated with fish oil.

While most folks will tell you if you want your iguana to live a healthier life you need to cut out all fats from its diet, however this is not accurate. You may have heard the term essential fatty acids, and these are fats that they need to have for a healthy body, hence the particular word essential. With regards to these essential fatty acids you are likely to find that they are found in fish oils and they are known as omega 3. If the truth be told you can find omega 3 in other foods aside from fish oil, but fish oil is something that is readily available and easy to take.

Something I really should mention is that there is an enormous difference between omega 3 and omega 6. In relation to omega 6 you will discover that this is really something that can cause major health problems within the iguana’s body. On the other hand omega 3 has actually been proven to help decrease the risks of a different heart diseases, as demonstrated by animals who have a high fish diet. The main reason for this is because of the vast amounts of omega 3 these animals are receiving in their diet from the fish.

One more thing that you almost certainly already know that I will point out anyway is that fish is very low in calories. Your best choice of course is to eat fish instead of taking supplements for the fish oil, as this can help the iguana to stay slim. You most likely also know that animals who are in good physical shape normally end up with less than health related issues than animals that are overweight.

Even though fish oil may not be a magic cure for all the iguana’s illnesses, they can help your iguana to lead a healthier life. Don’t forget that you can get fish oil supplements if you happen to be one of the individuals who don’t like giving your iguana fish.

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